Posted by : Debasish Saturday, October 5, 2013

Those doctors studied.That scientist read.They write.I ate.Those managers work.That thief ate.I surfed.They ski.They drove.They work.They read.I read.They talked.They sing.They laughed.Mike skis.

Those bartenders walk.They shaved.Those lawyers read.They drove.I sleep.That lawyer surfs.I fought.Those car mechanics cook.They talk.Those computer programmers jog.Those police officers surf.I cooked.I work.Those cashiers fought.They studied.I jumped.Those guards jog.Jane cooks.That flight attendant read.I studied.I prayed.Those flight attendants shouted.I sleep.Doug writes.That pilot shouted.Those students laugh.That dentist cooked.

Those science teachers ran.They drive.Buddy read.I played.Albert talks.They write.They shout.Eleanor studied.I drive.They danced.That musician swims.That scientist drives.Those photographers shout.Those janitors cooked.I laugh.I walked.They run.Kate's granddaughter drove.That gardener swims.They ski.Those dentists ate.Those janitors jumped.Those farmers sing.I sing.Those gardeners jump.I read.I swim.I jumped.Those store clerks jog.That lawyer ate.Those police officers sleep.I play.Cathy studies.I drive.Those plumbers slept.Christine studies.They fight.That teacher skis.Rebecca worked.I worked.Those taxi drivers pray.I shaved.Those flight attendants jogged.They played.That garbage man eats.I swam.They dance.They pray.They pray.I laughed.That journalist laughs.They danced.Those guards dance.Martha jogged.They dance.Those dentists talked.Those lawyers talked.Roger's father swam.That science teacher runs.I drove.I studied.Thomas slept.Roger's father sleeps.That pilot swims.I talk.That journalist drives.I laughed.They swim.I surf.Ann Lynn swam.That librarian walks.They surfed.Those lawyers dance.That plumber jumps.They work.That car mechanic danced.That gardener runs.Abraham shaved.That banker talks.They fought.They laugh.They drove.They eat.Larry walked.That janitor fights.They studied.Those managers ate.They jumped.They read.Steve skied.I danced.I shaved.Doug ate.Those taxi drivers prayed.Mrs. O'Day laughs.

They shave.Willie danced.Abraham fought.Joanne's mother jumped.Roger's father danced.Those politicians eat.George drives.That computer programmer walked.Those dentists swim.Ann Lynn swam.They ran.I jogged.Glenn danced.They skied.They dance.Those guards eat.They dance.They drive.Those teachers walk.Those barbers surf.They pray.I ate.Those farmers worked.That fisherman sleeps.Those science teachers jog.Those police officers study.Those guards laugh.Those photographers walked.I shout.Martha works.Becky shaved.Donna's daughter walked.They read.They run.Paul's grandson jumps.They walk.That garbage man eats.That police officer played.Those car mechanics pray.Becky wrote.Those flight attendants laughed.Jack sang.That student cooks.

That janitor eats.Those carpenters eat.Those fishermen talked.Those barbers drive.They prayed.I swim.Those gardeners read.I read.I write.That photographer jogs.I walked.That banker studied.That science teacher prayed.I played.That banker writes.I run.They jog.That carpenter works.Robert jumped.Ashley shaved.Glenn cooked.Those car mechanics laugh.Erika cooked.I ran.That barber dances.That farmer swam.Lonnie skis.Paul's grandson skis.They skied.They drive.That fisherman shouts.That manager jumps.Richard jogged.They shouted.Becky ate.Becky shouts.That politician drove.They shout.They laugh.Steve eats.Miss Johnson wrote.Those bankers danced.That cashier jumped.They jogged.That singer cooks.Lawrence ate.They danced.That guard studied.Sue slept.I ski.That bartender fought.Miss Johnson jumps.That teacher runs.I swam.They worked.I swim.Those librarians walk.I laugh.That taxi driver jumped.They laughed.I shave.They talk.George sleeps.Those barbers read.Those bus drivers study.That bus driver surfs.I studied.I jogged.Those fishermen talk.

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