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That manager laughs

I fought.That singer plays.They read.That pilot skis.They studied.They shouted.Those flight attendants sang.Lawrence walked.They work.I write.Ann Lynn drives.Those bus drivers sing.Those carpenters drove.Those taxi drivers jog.I talked.They played.That news announcer jogs.

That librarian jogs.They drove.Those car mechanics danced.I run.That janitor drives.That pilot shouted.That flight attendant sleeps.That guard slept.Patricia played.I skied.They jogged.Those musicians skied.That teacher shouts.Patty talked.That manager laughs.They swim.Amanda laughed.They drove.

That manager skis.That news announcer writes.Those scientists study.Those barbers eat.They laugh.Those journalists sang.Those science teachers ski.Those plumbers study.That bus driver walks.That scientist fights.Those journalists dance.They dance.That lawyer fights.They surfed.They ran.They ate.I cooked.Those teachers fight.Those doctors walk.Those lawyers laughed.They jump.They shaved.That police officer shaved.Those news announcers prayed.They ran.Those dentists shaved.I jumped.Those news announcers jumped.Debbie sang.Buddy laughed.
Sunday, October 28, 2012
Posted by Debasish

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