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They jogged

Those students skied.Julie runs.Those gardeners laughed.Those flight attendants play.Patty laughed.Those dentists fight.I prayed.That carpenter shaves.Ginger talked.That news announcer fights.That bartender surfs.I jump.They shout.That bus driver jumps.I laugh.Eleanor runs.I played.Those farmers played.Michael shaves.Those pilots study.I sing.That farmer sleeps.Elizabeth jogs.That student plays.They fought.Those bartenders prayed.That fisherman dances.Patricia sang.They swam.Those pilots talk.Betsy's nephew talked.Those journalists shave.Cathy studies.They play.They read.Those car mechanics read.I jog.I talked.

Those bartenders cooked.I talked.They laugh.They jogged.I talk.Those carpenters talk.Those photographers pray.That lawyer jogs.Those managers drive.That manager fought.I played.Betsy's nephew walks.They jumped.I surf.They dance.They work.Joseph jumped.I jogged.I read.That plumber shouts.Those news announcers study.Betty sang.I dance.Those janitors surf.I jump.I worked.Those barbers sleep.I jog.They prayed.Those store clerks swim.I skied.Amanda walked.Mrs. O'Day skied.Those pilots jogged.That car mechanic studies.Marge shouted.That librarian read.Andrew's uncle eats.Those fishermen surf.I swim.They jog.They talked.That scientist talked.I read.I jogged.They skied.Those librarians jogged.I prayed.Those politicians studied.Eleanor skis.I sang.They talked.

I pray.Sandra shouts.They walk.Ashley sang.Abraham drove.Mr. Hanson drives.They read.Catherine dances.They slept.Christine plays.That barber plays.I shave.Richard skied.That bartender shaves.They jump.Those fishermen walk.Sarah talked.They fought.They work.That police officer runs.Ed sang.Those news announcers slept.They laugh.Those politicians walk.Deborah's son worked.That carpenter writes.I played.They surfed.Those janitors jump.Those cashiers laughed.I read.I wrote.I read.Marty jogs.They drove.That spy cooks.I shave.They shave.I skied.That lawyer runs.They fight.I swim.Those cashiers laugh.I jumped.They study.Those flight attendants laugh.That gardener shaves.That manager swam.I skied.That computer programmer prays.I work.I studied.Those taxi drivers studied.They walked.Those plumbers laughed.I swam.I drive.They drove.I study.That barber sings.They drive.They talked.Roger's father jumps.That janitor swims.

I shout.They jump.Those scientists shave.That garbage man surfs.I pray.I sing.I swam.Steve laughed.I danced.They shout.I ate.That police officer talks.Those dentists walk.Those store clerks run.That car mechanic laughs.Those cashiers play.They shave.Dick skis.I laugh.Those car mechanics drove.I shouted.Those students worked.That taxi driver walks.Jessica reads.They sang.Elizabeth dances.I drive.Michael ate.I ski.That singer reads.Those bus drivers slept.That spy jogs.Those gardeners laugh.They eat.That bartender fights.Jack surfed.I pray.That fisherman jogged.They pray.Sandra danced.I slept.Those car mechanics talked.Amanda slept.Those bankers study.They sang.I work.Peter walked.Those barbers walked.They ran.That musician fights.Those guards swam.That computer programmer prayed.

They drove.They read.They jumped.They shave.That bus driver laughs.I walk.They surfed.Those gardeners sang.That car mechanic prays.Those fishermen swim.Those store clerks drove.Dave studied.I walked.Those barbers slept.Those bus drivers laugh.That garbage man fought.Lonnie sleeps.I surf.I talk.They skied.They read.I played.I shout.Those cashiers talked.That store clerk jogged.Amanda dances.They drove.I run.Roy fought.Betty sleeps.Those politicians study.Christine swims.I jogged.Those pilots jogged.Lawrence shaved.Those singers skied.Those gardeners drive.I jog.They jump.They jumped.Those bartenders shaved.Those taxi drivers ate.Sue jumps.Deborah's son jogged.
Friday, December 23, 2011
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Those bankers drove

That news announcer prays.I worked.Those teachers cook.Kate's granddaughter eats.I sang.Those gardeners walk.Patricia worked.They drive.Betty ate.Becky jogged.Those photographers walk.They drove.That taxi driver plays.I swim.They jump.That plumber writes.Sue talks.Those bus drivers eat.Those bankers slept.I jump.I shout.Roger's father sang.Those lawyers work.That bus driver studies.Those barbers shave.I sang.They ran.Ed works.Joe's girlfriend jumped.Rosie jumps.Those bankers skied.They swam.Jimmy Joe played.They jogged.Those barbers studied.Those science teachers prayed.I read.Those politicians laugh.Tony talked.They worked.I sang.I sleep.They shaved.Martha studies.They laugh.They shouted.That plumber ate.They walked.That science teacher surfed.That photographer jumped.Those bankers drove.Those journalists jumped.That photographer surfs.Jack wrote.I skied.I talk.Those guards pray.Abraham drives.They played.That scientist laughs.Those news announcers drive.Fred's wife reads.They drive.I play.Those fishermen walk.Dave danced.I laughed.I drove.That store clerk runs.

That teacher sang.I work.They slept.Those teachers dance.Those flight attendants surf.That teacher works.I worked.Those flight attendants study.That carpenter plays.I played.That gardener sings.Those taxi drivers walk.I jump.They eat.They eat.Dick shaved.I danced.Michael fights.They skied.That pilot drives.Tom studies.That politician jogged.Those scientists slept.They talked.Those science teachers ski.That dentist drives.Those flight attendants fought.Dave prayed.I shouted.They ski.Bob read.They swim.Erika sleeps.Those janitors jogged.They sang.They jump.Matthew ran.I eat.Those bus drivers sleep.Fred's wife jumped.I drove.Those photographers ski.I jogged.I fight.I surf.That musician shaves.I surfed.That cashier laughed.I cook.I fight.Glenn talked.Those flight attendants sleep.I read.I drove.I shaved.Jackie skied.They swam.They swim.That computer programmer fights.They worked.I shout.Those bartenders skied.Those gardeners ran.I ran.

Those scientists sing.They read.They jumped.Those janitors run.That dentist reads.I pray.Those store clerks studied.That manager sings.Joe worked.Those flight attendants jump.They drive.I ate.I walk.Luke studied.I ran.I read.They walk.Those carpenters laughed.They fought.Michael sleeps.That carpenter prays.I walk.I worked.I walked.That pilot works.They skied.They laugh.Erika studies.I surfed.They talked.Those plumbers sleep.They work.That doctor dances.Larry eats.That flight attendant reads.Rita's aunt sang.Peter sang.Those politicians swam.That doctor talks.That computer programmer prays.I danced.They shave.Those politicians studied.They drive.They ski.They run.That barber jogs.I swim.They played.They fought.Tom talked.Those scientists walked.They fight.They run.That journalist drove.

I walked.Those musicians surf.They read.That news announcer talked.They write.Those journalists dance.I play.I laugh.Andrew's uncle prayed.They ate.That politician sings.That spy surfs.They surf.Virginia jogged.Those gardeners studied.That guard danced.I walk.They shout.Those bus drivers talk.Those scientists read.I jump.They swam.I swim.That spy skied.That dentist studies.I shave.That singer surfs.They work.They studied.Those teachers swam.Those lawyers danced.That gardener cooks.That bartender worked.They jumped.Those scientists sleep.Steve skis.They slept.Those dentists danced.I fought.Those bus drivers jogged.They ate.Suzanne slept.Rebecca played.Those politicians drive.Those managers study.Those computer programmers danced.Those thieves fight.Those store clerks talked.Those thieves ran.That singer runs.That garbage man shaved.That gardener eats.They wrote.Frank swam.Eleanor talked.Michael surfed.They dance.That science teacher shouted.They talked.That pilot fights.They studied.That police officer shaves.
Thursday, October 27, 2011
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I tell them a joke :D

I lent her a lot of money.Those lawyers forgive him his mistakes.Ginger struck him a heavy blow.I asked him a question.Bill's wife sends him a package.I order her a new dress.Ashley lent her a lot of money.Patty wrote her a letter.Those dentists sent him a package.Charlie handed him a piece of paper.Those bankers ask him a question.Those janitors made him some coffee.

I show them a photograph.That plumber gave him a book.They sold him a ticket.I made him some coffee.Those politicians offered her a ride home.I ordered her a new dress.Those musicians envied him his good fortune.Larry envies him his good fortune.Bill's wife told her the shortest way.

Those flight attendants offer her some money.They taught them English.That garbage man promised her a delicious dinner.I show them a photograph.Those students made him some coffee.I left her a ticket.That photographer brings her some perfume.Those photographers show them a photograph.Those journalists bring her a small present.Those singers write her a letter.That store clerk gave him a book.They gave him a book.That manager buys him a present.George granted him his wish.They give him a book.That janitor envies him his good fortune.Those news announcers offer her some money.Those gardeners send him a package.I told them a joke.That taxi driver teaches them mathematics.Margaret read the children a story.Those news announcers forgive him his mistakes.Charlie hands him a piece of paper.They sell him a ticket.Patricia envied him his good fortune.That garbage man forgives him his debts.I told her the shortest way.Those guards wrote her a letter.

Those managers handed him a piece of paper.Those bus drivers read the children a story.They made him some coffee.Those news announcers bring her a small present.Betsy's nephew struck him a heavy blow.Those news announcers grant him his wish.That carpenter offers her a bribe.I struck him a heavy blow.I wrote her a letter.I tell them a joke.I buy her a gift.That garbage man gave him a book.That store clerk teaches them mathematics.They write her a letter.I give him a book.I hand him a piece of paper.They leave her some flowers.Those police officers make him some coffee.Miss Johnson sent him a package.Those janitors give him a book.I show them a photograph.Rita's aunt strikes him a heavy blow.I sent him a package.Those guards made him some coffee.That thief pays him this salary.They left her a ticket.I write her a letter.Rebecca made him some coffee.Ed told her the shortest way.Eleanor orders her a new hat.Those fishermen send him a package.They hand him a piece of paper.

I saved her a seat.They showed them a photograph.They forgive him his mistakes.I show them a photograph.I told her the shortest way.Those scientists pay him this salary.I tell them a joke.Tony shows them a picture.Sarah promised her a delicious dinner.They tell them a joke.That plumber grants him his wish.Those janitors teach them English.That fisherman makes her some tea.Deborah's son made him some coffee.Those carpenters sell him a ticket.That singer writes her messages.Those students leave her some flowers.I pay him this salary.They asked him a question.Jackie envied him his good fortune.I grant him his wish.That janitor promises her a new house.

Robert told them a joke.They asked him a question.I forgive him his mistakes.Patty envied him his good fortune.They lend him some money.Those store clerks ask him a question.I sell him a ticket.I write her a letter.They lent her a lot of money.Those police officers struck him a heavy blow.They told her the shortest way.They write her a letter.Those journalists wrote her a letter.They told her the shortest way.Lonnie tells them many lies.Elizabeth taught them English.Those pilots granted him his wish.That librarian sent him a package.That student struck him a heavy blow.Those science teachers sold him a ticket.I struck him a heavy blow.I paid him this salary.I pay him this salary.Charlie leaves her a couple of books.Those managers lent her a lot of money.Those gardeners bring her a small present.

They read the children a story.Those bus drivers told them a joke.That fisherman sold him a ticket.They envied him his good fortune.I offered her a ride home.They hand him a piece of paper.Jackie makes her some tea.I lent her a lot of money.They asked him a question.Jessica saves him a piece of cake.Those librarians show them a photograph.Jack brings her some perfume.I lend him some money.I struck him a heavy blow.Those dentists buy her a gift.Roger's father grants him his wish.That carpenter offers her a bribe.Rebecca showed them a photograph.Michael orders her a new hat.I told them a joke.Those barbers handed him a piece of paper.They grant him his wish.They tell them a joke.Virginia asks him questions.I handed him a piece of paper.Those carpenters leave her some flowers.I taught them English.I offered her a ride home.That store clerk forgives him his debts.That dentist brings her some perfume.That photographer buys him a present.Those flight attendants granted him his wish.Roy shows them a picture.They read the children a story.Those doctors struck him a heavy blow.Those carpenters offered her a ride home.

I saved her a seat.They send him a package.They saved her a seat.That garbage man orders her a new hat.That science teacher forgives him his debts.Those journalists pay him this salary.Anthony saved her a seat.That taxi driver read the children a story.Jessica showed them a photograph.I made him some coffee.Anthony made him some coffee.Those dentists lend him the bicycle.Those guards ordered her a new dress.Pete struck him a heavy blow.Those computer programmers show them a photograph.That gardener taught them English.Those plumbers sold him a ticket.That teacher hands him a piece of paper.Those taxi drivers told them a joke.I offered her a ride home.

I ordered her a new dress.They give him a book.They promised her a delicious dinner.I granted him his wish.Those store clerks taught them English.Fred's wife promises her a new house.I sent him a package.Ms. Brown orders her a new hat.I envied him his good fortune.I showed them a photograph.They make him some coffee.That spy gives him a magazine.I ask him a question.Amanda orders her a new hat.I left her a ticket.Jack pays him this salary.Those teachers order her a new dress.Julie shows them a picture.I struck him a heavy blow.Christine buys him a present.They ask him a question.Andy sold him a ticket.

They lend him the bicycle.I taught them English.Those singers granted him his wish.Doug wrote her a letter.That police officer gave him a book.They taught them English.Catherine wrote her a letter.That guard asks him questions.I promised her a delicious dinner.They ordered her a new dress.

They hand him a piece of paper.Meg sent him a package.I handed him a piece of paper.They offered her a ride home.That news announcer strikes him a heavy blow.Those carpenters envied him his good fortune.Ned promised her a delicious dinner.Sue sends him a package.

Those plumbers left her a ticket.That musician pays him this salary.I give him a book.They struck him a heavy blow.I tell them a joke.I gave him a book.Sandy grants him his wish.Those carpenters lend him some money.Those singers showed them a photograph.I sent him a package.Those bankers hand him a piece of paper.They offer her some money.They make him some coffee.Those bankers brought her a small present.I told her the shortest way.

Lawrence orders her a new hat.Edward read the children a story.Those store clerks sold him a ticket.Jenny told them a joke.That pilot buys him a present.Those pilots sell him a ticket.I offer her some money.Those plumbers buy her a gift.They leave her some flowers.Those teachers granted him his wish.
Wednesday, October 5, 2011
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Miss Brown almost always eats shrimp

Dr. Black  washes clothes very carefully.
Miss Brown  eats shrimp very quietly.
Miss Brown  frequently eats shrimp.
Ms. Smith  ocassionally watches TV.
Dr. Black  ocassionally counts money.
Beverly's boyfriend  usually buys milk.

Jim's girlfriend  almost always counts money.
Miss Brown  almost always eats shrimp.
Fred  very often plays tennis.
Mrs. Baker  almost always digs a hole.
Fred  often buys milk.
Jim's girlfriend  almost always studies English.
Mrs. Baker  very often counts money.
Sue  often watches TV.
Beverly's boyfriend  ocassionally plays tennis.

Alice  ocassionally buys milk.
Alice  ocassionally buys milk.
Jim's girlfriend  often watches TV.
Dr. Black  usually counts money.
Jim's girlfriend  usually dances.
Sue  usually buys milk.
Beverly's boyfriend  periodically dances.
Mr. Jones  periodically counts money.
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I study.e guards jogged

Patricia eats.Marty laughs.That journalist shouts.They swam.I study.That photographer eats.Marge laughed.They jog.I laughed.Roger's father talked.That scientist jogged.Those thieves danced.I surf.Those fishermen run.I swim.Those librarians drive.

Jennifer reads.Those managers shout.I jump.They jumped.That doctor shaves.I studied.That manager jumps.Those singers pray.That carpenter ThosThat store clerk plays.They prayed.

Those librarians jog.Those police officers read.I study.e guards jogged.They read.Those guards read.I read.That news announcer talked.swam.Sarah talked.They swim.That flight attendant sleeps.That computer programmer dances.Those flight attendants sing.

Luke ate.That bus driver jogs.I sleep.Albert laughed.They jump.I laughed.They sing.Dave slept.That manager jogs.They read.I read.Those barbers jog.Those plumbers eat.Virginia danced.I played.Pete runs.Those flight attendants talk.Those librarians pray.Those teachers drove.That guard walks.
Friday, July 22, 2011
Posted by Debasish

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