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Hundreds of former India captain on Friday on the Test match game is different states of frustration -filled voice said , " the last a few days, saw the Supreme Court is out of step six would be thinking . Whether single ! "Mango Cricket - encouraging tweets , saying, musikaprasaba mountain . '
A cricket masters of the night saying , " I thought I was chasing Working Committee will call a meeting . Ten hours is gone out of a court order . Not for nothing . "
Indian kriketamahale and many seem , according to the court that the two employees simentasera India India is with the team in Dhaka , Bangladesh before the match that they should resign . Media Manager and Logistics Manager Russell RN parents both India simentasera employees. They have not resigned , has left the Indian camp . Where it is shown that the dignity of the Supreme Court judgment ? Whether or not due to the match ? Will end on Saturday ?

Open-ended ...
Towering over the past few days, the Supreme Court on Friday that go strike cordial was suddenly like a dot ball . Berola intermediate point , but it is not emphasized in the last a few days, the court looks at attitudes amajanata speculated . There is not, however, the two -run hit singles !
Mudagala Justice ruling in camera ' balanced ' ayakhya comply with the judgment of interpretation - one of a group - a kind response. Both sides claim they won .

Srinivasan Narayanasamy idea of ​​the camp , he made ​​a startling kamabyaka . Rasatale srini are doomed , the whole Cricket - swept the world with the idea of ​​the ICC - has mobilized to go to for approval . Clear court said , according to the prosecution allegations srinira aisisite no restrictions of what they are willing to pay . Not falling within the jurisdiction of the court that topic . Court srinike Mass - has dismissed the demand . IPL Chennai Super kinsake last turn . Cataract surgery is the ultimate bearers had newly come from the gentleman may have to arrange the key ?

Srini - just the opposite of the statement of opposition camp . They think they will win as destructive thought, maybe it did. But won anyway. The court ' dismissed ' without using the word srinike I have removed one of Indian cricket . Have to say , keep up the IPL Gavaskar highest risk. Yadav will take office after the sibalala . The TV channel said sibalala clear , his jobs from June to September . That is inducted as a performer at srinira season saw him return . September means back to him to be elected again .

Srini - ghanisthara says Gavaskar IPL What if the highest rank , he would run him through garbhanim Council . Admission srinira people there . Which , according to srinira will . IPL CEO Ramon Since India simentasera nice staff , will move him in charge of deciding whether the gaoskarake court . Srini group says , just three weeks before the start of the IPL is now possible to move sundarake . If it can not be turnamentai . Gavaskar Where will the new guy? After the departure board to see sibalala Yadav . Sibalala declared srini - loving . That came from a remote srinira hand . Whether the media uproar seals.
Srini - Opponents of doing it day in court Mahendra Singh Dhoni got chutakara only . The court said it did not plan to take any action against Dhoni . Lawyers on the edge of the board said , " Dhoni has been involved in gratuitous way . " Has been claimed , at mudagala false testimony before the Commission did not Dhoni . But srini - Dhoni alone is not the goal of the opponents . He eventually noticed. They are demanding , Indian cricket in this vital srini Friday - the official seal of ownership came regularly to be tarnished . The idea, the board has already started to move from srinira .

There is absolutely no srinira sibalala side . He traveled in the direction , where many of the big names . Pawar - lovely - bindra - Modi . Srini - someone more intimate - and whether or not his side . Supreme authority in Tamil Nadu on Thursday night for the excitement she said , " What kind of people are they ? All in danger - You I am beside them . One of the firms have baralama subsidy . Gave a statement to make , but someone at my peril ! "
Saturday, March 29, 2014
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So finally he buys him this present

That bartender showed them a photograph.They offer her some money.I offered her a ride home.Those photographers envy him his good fortune.Dick buys him a present.I bring her a small present.Ginger buys him a present.Those police officers told them a joke.Catherine sells him a new car.Those barbers sell him a ticket.They strike him a heavy blow.They sell him a ticket.That journalist offers her a bribe.Those car mechanics told them a joke.They pay him this salary.They make him some coffee.I forgive him his mistakes.Those singers made him some coffee.That journalist made him some coffee.I sell him a ticket.Jessica sold him a ticket.That scientist gave him a book.Ann Lynn struck him a heavy blow.That plumber struck him a heavy blow.They hand him a piece of paper.I brought her a small present.Those bus drivers order her a new dress.Those gardeners offered her a ride home.Patricia buys him a present.That student saves him a piece of cake.Rebecca told them a joke.That cashier gives him a magazine.

Those teachers taught them English.Those librarians grant him his wish.That news announcer reads the children a fairy tale.They hand him a piece of paper.That photographer reads the children a fairy tale.They promised her a delicious dinner.I buy her a gift.I read the children a story.Those scientists promised her a delicious dinner.Those cashiers promised her a delicious dinner.I handed him a piece of paper.They lent her a lot of money.Michael paid him this salary.Those managers asked him a question.They offered her a ride home.I lend him the bicycle.Cathy lends him a pencil.They forgive him his mistakes.I read the children a story.That librarian gives him a magazine.Those car mechanics sell him a ticket.Those doctors lent her a lot of money.Miss Johnson pays him this salary.Those pilots send him a package.They sold him a ticket.They lend him some money.Those thieves told her the shortest way.Rosie pays him this salary.That flight attendant brought her a small present.

That taxi driver writes her messages.They made him some coffee.I gave him a book.I struck him a heavy blow.That police officer forgives him his debts.Fred's wife sold him a ticket.Luke told them a joke.Debbie reads the children a fairy tale.Doug struck him a heavy blow.That pilot offers her a bribe.Those guards send him a package.Those science teachers bring her a small present.Jane wrote her a letter.They make him some coffee.They lent her a lot of money.I granted him his wish.Sandra brought her a small present.I asked him a question.I make him some coffee.That lawyer asked him a question.They granted him his wish.They granted him his wish.They promised her a delicious dinner.Robert offered her a ride home.I leave her some flowers.That computer programmer teaches them mathematics.They told them a joke.They lend him some money.I bring her a small present.Abraham handed him a piece of paper.Those plumbers showed them a photograph.They order her a new dress.They told her the shortest way.

They write her a letter.Those guards asked him a question.That plumber read the children a story.Those cashiers struck him a heavy blow.Those flight attendants lent her a lot of money.Those plumbers paid him this salary.Andy taught them English.Betty reads the children a fairy tale.They told her the shortest way.That doctor gives him a magazine.They tell them a joke.Richard gave him a book.They leave her some flowers.I brought her a small present.They told them a joke.Those musicians envy him his good fortune.Those students show them a photograph.That bus driver promises her a new house.That janitor ordered her a new dress.They bring her a small present.They made him some coffee.They tell them a joke.I promised her a delicious dinner.They send him a package.Those students sell him a ticket.They read the children a story.Those scientists order her a new dress.Those scientists handed him a piece of paper.I read the children a story.Sarah showed them a photograph.Robert made him some coffee.They wrote her a letter.I envied him his good fortune.I forgive him his mistakes.That guard leaves her a couple of books.They show them a photograph.That scientist showed them a photograph.They grant him his wish.They envied him his good fortune.Fred's wife told them a joke.That doctor offers her a bribe.Those taxi drivers envy him his good fortune.They write her a letter.That bus driver pays him this salary.They made him some coffee.Buddy gave him a book.They ordered her a new dress.Paul's grandson asked him a question.Jennifer buys him a present.Those guards offer her some money.I asked him a question.Judith promised her a delicious dinner.I wrote her a letter.They offered her a ride home.

I sent him a package.They ask him a question.They pay him this salary.They sold him a ticket.Those fishermen order her a new dress.Those pilots saved her a seat.They leave her some flowers.That librarian teaches them mathematics.I write her a letter.Charlie wrote her a letter.Those taxi drivers show them a photograph.Those barbers paid him this salary.I taught them English.Those bus drivers lend him the bicycle.Those car mechanics pay him this salary.That student taught them English.They strike him a heavy blow.They pay him this salary.Edward told her the shortest way.I told them a joke.Those fishermen show them a photograph.They sell him a ticket.I give him a book.That manager orders her a new hat.I lent her a lot of money.Judith buys him a present.Joe ordered her a new dress.Those students bring her a small present.Those taxi drivers taught them English.They buy her a gift.Those pilots struck him a heavy blow.Those janitors granted him his wish.I tell them a joke.Those photographers lent her a lot of money.Frank tells them many lies.I send him a package.I grant him his wish.I granted him his wish.I offer her some money.Those managers promise her a delicious dinner.Those news announcers sold him a ticket.Those police officers send him a package.That journalist ordered her a new dress.Those janitors read the children a story.That taxi driver orders her a new hat.They handed him a piece of paper.

Elizabeth told her the shortest way.They paid him this salary.Those pilots gave him a book.They struck him a heavy blow.Betsy's nephew teaches them mathematics.They sell him a ticket.I sell him a ticket.That cashier pays him this salary.I ask him a question.That pilot sends him a package.That musician brings her some perfume.Kate's granddaughter brought her a small present.I show them a photograph.I teach them English.They offer her some money.That gardener bought her a gift.I promised her a delicious dinner.They lend him the bicycle.That teacher granted him his wish.Matthew handed him a piece of paper.That librarian told her the shortest way.Those farmers envied him his good fortune.They ask him a question.That student pays him this salary.Those guards paid him this salary.They paid him this salary.I order her a new dress.I bring her a small present.That politician orders her a new hat.Those pilots hand him a piece of paper.I sell him a ticket.Those lawyers forgive him his mistakes.That computer programmer told them a joke.Those flight attendants pay him this salary.Miss Johnson orders her a new hat.I buy her a gift.

Buddy asked him a question.That dentist saved her a seat.Those fishermen paid him this salary.I ordered her a new dress.Peter struck him a heavy blow.They teach them English.That cashier grants him his wish.Those car mechanics grant him his wish.Those students ordered her a new dress.I sell him a ticket.Joe paid him this salary.That news announcer writes her messages.Those gardeners promised her a delicious dinner.I offer her some money.They promised her a delicious dinner.Those farmers show them a photograph.Ms. Brown made him some coffee.That bus driver gave him a book.Fred's wife hands him a piece of paper.They asked him a question.
Saturday, October 5, 2013
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Those politicians gave him a book

Those guards promise her a delicious dinner.They struck him a heavy blow.They lend him the bicycle.That guard orders her a new hat.That science teacher strikes him a heavy blow.That student sends him a package.Frank told them a joke.Deborah's son struck him a heavy blow.That carpenter envies him his good fortune.That thief orders her a new hat.

George showed them a photograph.That computer programmer orders her a new hat.Those librarians tell them a joke.Marty left her a ticket.Those lawyers handed him a piece of paper.I send him a package.They promised her a delicious dinner.I make him some coffee.Those taxi drivers bought her a gift.I envy him his good fortune.I give him a book.Those bartenders envied him his good fortune.They paid him this salary.They leave her some flowers.That store clerk saved her a seat.They pay him this salary.I show them a photograph.Those store clerks wrote her a letter.Those police officers brought her a small present.

I show them a photograph.They sell him a ticket.I leave her some flowers.They handed him a piece of paper.Those lawyers sold him a ticket.I lend him the bicycle.That cashier gives him a magazine.Those news announcers grant him his wish.They lent her a lot of money.Those science teachers envy him his good fortune.They bought her a gift.They lent her a lot of money.They write her a letter.That janitor sold him a ticket.I struck him a heavy blow.They give him a book.I bought her a gift.That thief strikes him a heavy blow.That science teacher reads the children a fairy tale.That doctor shows them a picture.They struck him a heavy blow.I struck him a heavy blow.Those teachers made him some coffee.

Those computer programmers wrote her a letter.They granted him his wish.I bring her a small present.I offer her some money.They give him a book.They promised her a delicious dinner.I buy her a gift.They save him a piece of pie.They showed them a photograph.That teacher brings her some perfume.I leave her some flowers.John gives him a magazine.That lawyer envied him his good fortune.I write her a letter.Those police officers gave him a book.They taught them English.That farmer hands him a piece of paper.Those bankers asked him a question.They send him a package.I left her a ticket.That plumber left her a ticket.I promised her a delicious dinner.That flight attendant gives him a magazine.That garbage man paid him this salary.Mike granted him his wish.I read the children a story.They strike him a heavy blow.They make him some coffee.

That janitor wrote her a letter.They hand him a piece of paper.Those bartenders made him some coffee.Those taxi drivers granted him his wish.Those science teachers grant him his wish.They show them a photograph.Those gardeners strike him a heavy blow.Those taxi drivers strike him a heavy blow.Those carpenters ask him a question.I send him a package.I sell him a ticket.Marge sold him a ticket.I sell him a ticket.I ask him a question.I grant him his wish.They brought her a small present.Those farmers promise her a delicious dinner.They handed him a piece of paper.I hand him a piece of paper.Those science teachers envy him his good fortune.Those science teachers envied him his good fortune.I left her a ticket.They ordered her a new dress.That computer programmer grants him his wish.I bring her a small present.They tell them a joke.They offered her a ride home.I taught them English.Christine strikes him a heavy blow.Those fishermen pay him this salary.They granted him his wish.

They struck him a heavy blow.They lend him the bicycle.I struck him a heavy blow.I forgive him his mistakes.They struck him a heavy blow.Bill's wife buys him a present.Those farmers strike him a heavy blow.They ordered her a new dress.Tony forgives him his debts.I read the children a story.Virginia showed them a photograph.I envy him his good fortune.That science teacher tells them many lies.Those students save him a piece of pie.I teach them English.Betty paid him this salary.They save him a piece of pie.Those flight attendants lent her a lot of money.Betty Sue showed them a photograph.That cashier writes her messages.They granted him his wish.They read the children a story.Those scientists told her the shortest way.I envy him his good fortune.Ed pays him this salary.That musician tells them many lies.They sold him a ticket.Those bartenders sold him a ticket.That computer programmer sold him a ticket.Those fishermen make him some coffee.Ashley read the children a story.Roy left her a ticket.They ordered her a new dress.Those thieves make him some coffee.Those news announcers write her a letter.I show them a photograph.That singer lent her a lot of money.Joe's girlfriend gave him a book.Those police officers lend him some money.I show them a photograph.That pilot gave him a book.That carpenter sold him a ticket.I grant him his wish.Those plumbers granted him his wish.Marty bought her a gift.Those janitors told her the shortest way.They forgive him his mistakes.That carpenter envies him his good fortune.Michael sold him a ticket.I grant him his wish.Those politicians give him a book.I lend him the bicycle.Those pilots leave her some flowers.I sold him a ticket.Miss Johnson handed him a piece of paper.

Those managers pay him this salary.I sent him a package.That computer programmer makes her some tea.Bruce read the children a story.I buy her a gift.They made him some coffee.They gave him a book.They lent her a lot of money.They save him a piece of pie.I brought her a small present.That manager sends him a package.That journalist reads the children a fairy tale.They sold him a ticket.Catherine writes her messages.I paid him this salary.They lent her a lot of money.I teach them English.They granted him his wish.I ask him a question.I make him some coffee.Those teachers offered her a ride home.Those guards bring her a small present.They envy him his good fortune.Those musicians send him a package.Ed lent her a lot of money.Those store clerks lend him the bicycle.Those bus drivers tell them a joke.Those bartenders lend him some money.

That student forgives him his debts.They granted him his wish.They lend him some money.That teacher lends him a pencil.Those pilots showed them a photograph.They make him some coffee.They ordered her a new dress.Those musicians forgive him his mistakes.Ms. Brown promised her a delicious dinner.I forgive him his mistakes.Those bus drivers gave him a book.They promise her a delicious dinner.That police officer leaves her a couple of books.I pay him this salary.Frank forgives him his debts.Those janitors brought her a small present.Those doctors forgive him his mistakes.Those plumbers brought her a small present.Those taxi drivers taught them English.That carpenter writes her messages.They taught them English.Roger's father sends him a package.Andrew's uncle leaves her a couple of books.Abraham sends him a package.Those bus drivers sent him a package.Amanda promised her a delicious dinner.Betsy's nephew bought her a gift.Those students wrote her a letter.That scientist lends him a pencil.

They give him a book.I buy her a gift.That librarian strikes him a heavy blow.That flight attendant strikes him a heavy blow.They lent her a lot of money.They gave him a book.That pilot buys him a present.That barber buys him a present.That teacher buys him a present.They lend him some money.I taught them English.Those bus drivers give him a book.Those politicians read the children a story.They teach them English.I leave her some flowers.They granted him his wish.I made him some coffee.That fisherman pays him this salary.That photographer envies him his good fortune.I left her a ticket.I tell them a joke.Marty ordered her a new dress.I granted him his wish.They told them a joke.I sold him a ticket.Those photographers granted him his wish.
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I read.They ski

They walk.Those fishermen jump.Cathy studied.Those guards run.That dentist works.I danced.They run.That librarian swims.Those police officers slept.Those flight attendants play.That farmer surfs.That barber reads.They play.Those musicians swam.Those students worked.Andy read.Those guards ran.Those journalists worked.They jump.They fought.I read.They ski.

That plumber talked.They drive.They swim.Patricia sings.That police officer runs.That bus driver runs.They fought.Mike danced.They danced.I laugh.I eat.That scientist swims.Those singers slept.Those car mechanics fought.I sleep.I swam.Richard ran.Betty Sue dances.Thomas eats.Jennifer prays.Those bartenders sang.Those lawyers ate.They ran.Those journalists talk.That taxi driver shaves.I cooked.I read.That student studied.

That flight attendant jogged.Those teachers wrote.I swim.I shouted.They ski.I surf.They prayed.That guard shaves.They pray.I read.They dance.Those lawyers eat.Those carpenters ate.They drive.Those scientists pray.Steve jumped.That singer sleeps.Those librarians shouted.Those cashiers jog.They laughed.Dave skis.They fight.I shave.They pray.Those carpenters drove.They shout.They surfed.Christine shaved.Those bartenders read.That police officer plays.That doctor cooks.They walked.

I laughed.Those students shout.Bill's wife prayed.They surfed.Lester's ex-wife sang.They shout.They read.Those students jog.Those photographers play.That dentist fights.Those photographers wrote.They walked.Lester's ex-wife danced.They surf.Ann Lynn fights.Those barbers jumped.Roger's father runs.Lester's ex-wife drove.That plumber drove.Those dentists talked.Julie surfs.I study.They laugh.I read.They played.I jump.That car mechanic talked.Ned jumped.They fought.I ate.Buddy fought.They shouted.Those computer programmers skied.Those librarians worked.They sing.They swam.That car mechanic surfs.Elizabeth surfed.Virginia talks.Those librarians sang.They surf.They work.

Those car mechanics walk.Those pilots talked.Paul's grandson jumps.They jog.I read.They swam.Those plumbers surfed.Those car mechanics shouted.Those flight attendants laughed.Those politicians cook.Those store clerks play.They swam.Rebecca studies.They surfed.I shout.Those cashiers jogged.They write.They studied.That scientist prayed.Mike ate.Ashley cooked.Those science teachers ski.They jog.Those car mechanics ran.Those news announcers swam.Those musicians worked.They sleep.I jump.I sing.They shave.

Those flight attendants shaved.Those bus drivers fight.Lonnie works.I drive.Those store clerks prayed.They jump.That banker played.They sleep.I talk.I jumped.Erika sang.Glenn sang.Ed laughed.Those managers cooked.That gardener shouts.Jackie studies.I jumped.I run.That guard walked.Those car mechanics fought.That plumber drives.I write.They laugh.Betty fought.Those musicians walked.I drive.They fought.Jane skis.

That janitor sings.I read.Those students walk.Those gardeners run.Joanne's mother shouts.That musician studies.They ski.Those singers laugh.I drive.Those librarians walked.Those dentists jog.Those police officers fought.They drove.That politician surfs.Lonnie worked.Those flight attendants sleep.Those barbers jumped.Roy shaved.I talk.That news announcer sleeps.I ski.I jumped.I skied.Ashley shouted.Those students jogged.Those bartenders walk.Charlie jumped.They studied.They read.That police officer surfs.Those photographers jog.Connie's husband slept.They ski.Those managers sleep.Those science teachers jumped.They swam.I fight.

I swam.Pete skied.Martha skied.They laughed.They drove.That car mechanic sings.They skied.Suzanne worked.Robert sleeps.That news announcer fights.They play.They played.Those singers work.They drove.I fight.Those librarians shouted.I shave.That thief jumps.They talk.Those taxi drivers laugh.That news announcer fought.Those news announcers drive.Joe's girlfriend studies.Those farmers drive.Those scientists swim.That gardener plays.Those bartenders drive.Rebecca jogged.That barber studies.They jump.Joe fought.
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That garbage man eats

Those doctors studied.That scientist read.They write.I ate.Those managers work.That thief ate.I surfed.They ski.They drove.They work.They read.I read.They talked.They sing.They laughed.Mike skis.

Those bartenders walk.They shaved.Those lawyers read.They drove.I sleep.That lawyer surfs.I fought.Those car mechanics cook.They talk.Those computer programmers jog.Those police officers surf.I cooked.I work.Those cashiers fought.They studied.I jumped.Those guards jog.Jane cooks.That flight attendant read.I studied.I prayed.Those flight attendants shouted.I sleep.Doug writes.That pilot shouted.Those students laugh.That dentist cooked.

Those science teachers ran.They drive.Buddy read.I played.Albert talks.They write.They shout.Eleanor studied.I drive.They danced.That musician swims.That scientist drives.Those photographers shout.Those janitors cooked.I laugh.I walked.They run.Kate's granddaughter drove.That gardener swims.They ski.Those dentists ate.Those janitors jumped.Those farmers sing.I sing.Those gardeners jump.I read.I swim.I jumped.Those store clerks jog.That lawyer ate.Those police officers sleep.I play.Cathy studies.I drive.Those plumbers slept.Christine studies.They fight.That teacher skis.Rebecca worked.I worked.Those taxi drivers pray.I shaved.Those flight attendants jogged.They played.That garbage man eats.I swam.They dance.They pray.They pray.I laughed.That journalist laughs.They danced.Those guards dance.Martha jogged.They dance.Those dentists talked.Those lawyers talked.Roger's father swam.That science teacher runs.I drove.I studied.Thomas slept.Roger's father sleeps.That pilot swims.I talk.That journalist drives.I laughed.They swim.I surf.Ann Lynn swam.That librarian walks.They surfed.Those lawyers dance.That plumber jumps.They work.That car mechanic danced.That gardener runs.Abraham shaved.That banker talks.They fought.They laugh.They drove.They eat.Larry walked.That janitor fights.They studied.Those managers ate.They jumped.They read.Steve skied.I danced.I shaved.Doug ate.Those taxi drivers prayed.Mrs. O'Day laughs.

They shave.Willie danced.Abraham fought.Joanne's mother jumped.Roger's father danced.Those politicians eat.George drives.That computer programmer walked.Those dentists swim.Ann Lynn swam.They ran.I jogged.Glenn danced.They skied.They dance.Those guards eat.They dance.They drive.Those teachers walk.Those barbers surf.They pray.I ate.Those farmers worked.That fisherman sleeps.Those science teachers jog.Those police officers study.Those guards laugh.Those photographers walked.I shout.Martha works.Becky shaved.Donna's daughter walked.They read.They run.Paul's grandson jumps.They walk.That garbage man eats.That police officer played.Those car mechanics pray.Becky wrote.Those flight attendants laughed.Jack sang.That student cooks.

That janitor eats.Those carpenters eat.Those fishermen talked.Those barbers drive.They prayed.I swim.Those gardeners read.I read.I write.That photographer jogs.I walked.That banker studied.That science teacher prayed.I played.That banker writes.I run.They jog.That carpenter works.Robert jumped.Ashley shaved.Glenn cooked.Those car mechanics laugh.Erika cooked.I ran.That barber dances.That farmer swam.Lonnie skis.Paul's grandson skis.They skied.They drive.That fisherman shouts.That manager jumps.Richard jogged.They shouted.Becky ate.Becky shouts.That politician drove.They shout.They laugh.Steve eats.Miss Johnson wrote.Those bankers danced.That cashier jumped.They jogged.That singer cooks.Lawrence ate.They danced.That guard studied.Sue slept.I ski.That bartender fought.Miss Johnson jumps.That teacher runs.I swam.They worked.I swim.Those librarians walk.I laugh.That taxi driver jumped.They laughed.I shave.They talk.George sleeps.Those barbers read.Those bus drivers study.That bus driver surfs.I studied.I jogged.Those fishermen talk.
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Mike studied

Those police officers eat.Those managers laughed.Anthony works.Those dentists jumped.I surfed.That teacher skis.I eat.They swam.Those plumbers work.That pilot studies.Those taxi drivers drove.I sing.They cooked.Those bartenders drove.I ski.That bus driver shaves.Those news announcers jump.That store clerk dances.They jog.I danced.They ate.Those managers surfed.Those journalists swam.Paul's grandson played.Joanne's mother wrote.That bus driver shaves.Those cashiers shaved.Willie talks.I study.I pray.Julie drove.I sleep.I talk.That musician runs.They laughed.I shave.Those carpenters jogged.I walked.Rosie laughed.Kate's granddaughter reads.I walked.That bartender eats.That banker prays.That scientist worked.Rebecca shaved.Those taxi drivers surf.They drove.They studied.Those teachers sang.They swam.They walked.I studied.That politician reads.I talked.They play.That librarian sang.I jumped.John ate.They work.

That librarian worked.I swim.That thief played.Those bus drivers skied.That spy walks.That computer programmer swims.I shouted.That carpenter swims.That flight attendant talked.I dance.John read.That teacher runs.That pilot walks.Fred's wife slept.That thief prays.That bartender swims.They jumped.They talked.Bob jogged.That doctor studies.Those gardeners play.Eleanor sleeps.Rita's aunt jogged.They talked.They ski.Those janitors ski.They worked.I jump.

Mike studied.I dance.I study.They shave.I sang.That gardener walked.That garbage man surfs.I swim.Jennifer played.I surf.They jog.They ski.They jump.Jane fought.Betty prayed.I ran.Those police officers shave.That flight attendant wrote.I talk.That teacher surfed.Those police officers ski.I talk.I study.Those news announcers jumped.They ran.Those cashiers cook.They danced.They shave.They studied.I wrote.That teacher fights.I eat.I run.Those car mechanics eat.

Meg ate.Deborah's son studies.I swam.I pray.Those carpenters ski.They ate.They sang.That flight attendant surfed.That student surfed.I played.I walk.They run.Those photographers drove.They sleep.Mike fights.Those politicians danced.That lawyer prayed.I work.Those carpenters shave.That dentist swam.Those doctors fought.Those news announcers jogged.They swim.Meg laughed.John skied.Those musicians jumped.They jog.Jimmy Joe cooks.Those carpenters talk.That police officer surfed.I ran.Those managers ate.That plumber worked.Virginia jogged.That dentist laughs.They shaved.Luke plays.That farmer walks.They shouted.They fight.That bus driver jogs.I studied.I sing.That cashier jogs.Those bankers shaved.Those librarians ran.That gardener talks.They sang.Those dentists cooked.Those pilots swam.

Those musicians fight.They played.Charlie laughs.Those journalists jumped.John swims.I read.Those bankers studied.Those janitors talk.They talked.Those fishermen walked.Those bankers slept.That singer played.Sandy drives.I sleep.I walked.That janitor shouts.That spy jumps.Those taxi drivers write.They swam.They jogged.I pray.They walk.Betsy's nephew walks.They danced.That science teacher runs.I ski.That science teacher dances.They danced.I play.Those musicians eat.Donna's daughter studied.Robert jumps.They fought.That fisherman jogs.That photographer sings.They played.They jogged.I walked.They shave.That gardener prays.Buddy ate.That gardener jumps.Those politicians jog.Those politicians slept.Joe drives.Patricia worked.That pilot studies.Those thieves skied.Roger's father sings.I read.

That spy surfed.That dentist dances.They play.Abraham worked.That car mechanic jumped.I surfed.They drove.Those computer programmers cooked.They worked.Those scientists ate.Those fishermen fight.I ate.Those singers slept.That carpenter read.I prayed.I jump.That cashier ate.That dentist skis.They walk.They play.Willie sang.I shaved.They walk.That flight attendant runs.Those bartenders work.Those gardeners jump.Albert prayed.They pray.Those thieves shout.
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That computer programmer drove

That photographer eats.Those farmers jogged.They jogged.Catherine shouts.Those carpenters run.They shout.That musician dances.I read.Bill's wife runs.Those car mechanics eat.Ann Lynn walks.I fought.They study.Tony studied.I ate.They run.Jackie eats.They drive.Willie worked.I walk.Those musicians swim.Richard jogs.Those janitors drive.I sang.They slept.Rosie shouted.I swam.Those news announcers jump.I prayed.Those dentists surfed.I sleep.Those science teachers pray.They write.Those store clerks laughed.Those news announcers swim.Patty runs.They sang.That car mechanic talks.Those plumbers cooked.I swim.Ann Lynn cooked.I shaved.That gardener studies.I swam.That fisherman studies.I walked.Those singers jogged.I study.I slept.Joe swims.That teacher sings.Lawrence talks.They eat.Sandy slept.They ran.That pilot swims.They study.Those plumbers talked.Those news announcers worked.They ran.Christine jogs.That computer programmer drove.

Ann Lynn jumped.They shaved.That news announcer cooks.That plumber laughs.That spy played.Those store clerks swam.That computer programmer drove.I drive.I pray.Mike prays.I write.Peter skis.They ran.They jogged.I shouted.They talk.I play.They swim.That photographer shaved.That student eats.They talk.Sandy sings.Those scientists shout.They talked.I fought.They swim.Those flight attendants studied.Virginia plays.Abraham skied.Those bankers danced.That pilot drives.That taxi driver runs.They study.They ski.Miss Johnson jumped.Sandy laughed.That store clerk drives.That barber talked.Ned dances.That photographer laughed.Lawrence laughed.Those lawyers fight.Those doctors jump.They run.That plumber played.I jogged.That pilot talked.They run.I play.Margaret sings.I talk.Those barbers shaved.Those fishermen swam.They eat.They run.That musician talks.I surfed.They ran.Those managers write.That manager jumps.They swam.I shaved.

That spy reads.Those farmers jogged.That police officer reads.Those flight attendants drove.They sang.They studied.They studied.They played.Those store clerks jumped.I work.That dentist walks.I eat.I skied.I wrote.Joseph laughed.I wrote.Dick ran.I skied.They played.They shout.They study.They shouted.That spy slept.Those police officers ate.They ate.I walk.I surf.Elizabeth jumped.Cathy prays.Those fishermen write.They shaved.They worked.They drove.Those science teachers study.That student drives.Those journalists jumped.I run.Luke read.I sing.Margaret plays.Those students swim.They shave.Those taxi drivers work.Those doctors swam.That farmer ran.That pilot danced.That lawyer talked.Debbie prayed.Those lawyers jumped.They jog.I shout.They cook.Those guards pray.That bartender ran.I fought.That thief swam.Those store clerks surfed.That bartender shaves.They swam.Jack skied.They swam.I played.Those plumbers talk.That librarian shaved.They pray.Those guards danced.Those cashiers wrote.Marty works.I pray.They ski.They ate.Those scientists drove.I slept.Rita's aunt jumped.They shouted.I drive.Those janitors laugh.I surf.They laughed.I run.Those scientists worked.That carpenter shouted.That barber played.

Those plumbers danced.That scientist runs.Those news announcers jumped.They fought.They skied.Bob skied.I play.That spy swims.Those computer programmers prayed.They worked.That student shaved.I walk.Pete skied.They read.They studied.They dance.Those news announcers study.That manager fights.That doctor cooks.That librarian jogs.I jog.Willie worked.They swim.Those doctors surfed.I jog.Mark drove.That news announcer surfed.They slept.They cook.They talk.They jump.They slept.Those computer programmers surfed.They fought.Lawrence sang.That bus driver ran.I jog.Those bankers fight.Those politicians played.Those plumbers shave.I fought.That banker danced.Those computer programmers laugh.
Posted by Debasish

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